Landree Faith Heese, at the young age of seven years, claimed her place in the kingdom of Heaven ...

Landree Faith Heese, at the young age of seven years, claimed her place in the kingdom of Heaven early in the morning on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013; as Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”  Landree surely arrived swiftly and was greeted in magnificent way to Heaven.

Landree was born in Joplin at Freeman Hospital on Feb. 22, 2005, the daughter of Andrew and Stasia Heese, who each, through no lack of miracles, survive.  She was the much-loved middle sister of her older sister Averi Heese, and her younger sister Hayden Lawyer, who each survive.

Landree, a smart, determined and beautifully happy young lady that was known as a “peacemaker that could be paired with anyone because of her docile spirit” by her teachers, but garnered much wider-ranging descriptions from her family, such as “princess” and “angel”, on one end of the spectrum, to   “ornery” and “rambunctious” on the other. She was thoughtful, and quick with a hug and would tell you that she loved you, but the affection was certainly earned, and not given away.  Landree was often observed with a mischievous glint in her eye, and was known to mysteriously “carry collected treasures” on her person. A free-spirited and creative girl, she was also a happy organizer, much like her mother. Sometimes shy and quiet, and other times “gabby”, she was a natural performer and brought energy to everything that she did. Although energetic, she always moved at her own careful pace, and was not to be rushed, which may have added to the natural charm she possessed that could bring a smile to any face. The charm was not used just for smiles, and coupled with her big brown eyes, she once persuaded a grandparent to buy her some new boots and belt with a large, fancy buckle after attending the Jasper County Fair.  Although she was a sharp dresser with a detailed eye for style, she was also every bit a true country girl that loved to swim and play outdoors with friends and animals, and was no stranger to dirt.  She also loved to check the cattle on the family farm, and referred to the cows as “all my cows”.
Landree was a great-granddaughter, a granddaughter, and a daughter; a sister, cousin and niece; a neighbor, classmate and friend.  She was a very special little girl.

Landree attended Avilla Elementary School as a second grader, following in the footsteps of her Mother Stasia, Uncles Kyle and Mark Wilson, Grandfather Phil Wilson (known exclusively as “Paw-Paw” to Landree), and great-Aunt Ann Knell. She enjoyed attending school alongside her older sister Averi, and her cousins Lauren and Jenna, and especially enjoyed playing with Jenna at every school recess.

On her Mother’s side of the family, Landree was survived by her Great-grandmother “Granny”, Ester Wilson, grandparents, Phil Wilson and  D’Ann Wilson; and  her Uncle Kyle Wilson and Aunt Rachel Wilson, cousins William, Lauren, Jenna and Sara Wilson,  all of Avilla; her Uncle Mark Wilson and Aunt Michelle Wilson, and Cousins Macy and Cade Wilson, of Overland Park, Kansas.  Additionally she is survived by her Great-Uncle Fred Knell and Great-Aunt Ann Knell, her cousins Erick Aunt April Knell, and her cousin Dane Knell, all of the Carthage area.
On her Father’s side of the family, survivors are: Grandparents Richard and Pam Barlet, her Aunt Amy Heese Young, Uncle Dwan Young, and step-cousins Baltymor and Kelly Young, of Allentown, Pennsylvania; her Aunt Abbie Heese Hogg and Uncle Tighe, cousins Madison and Riley, of Cody, Wyoming; Aunt Elizabeth Barlet Bauer, Uncle Don Bauer, and cousins Alex and Christina Bauer, of Carthage,  Aunt Susan Barlet Flowers and Uncle Jeff Flowers and cousins Sarah and Jacob Flowers, of Joplin.

Additional survivors are Grandparents Stan and Susie Heese,  Uncle Gene Harris and Aunt Tonya Harris, cousin Sophie Harris; Uncle Kevin Harris and Aunt Missy Harris, cousins Cade and Ashley Harris, all of Carthage,  and Aunt Tammy Christopherson and Uncle David Christopherson, and cousins Grayson and David, of Texas.

In lieu of flowers contributions may be given to the Landree Heese Memorial Fund in care of SMB Bank in Carthage. The fund will be used to purchase playground equipment and support the library at the Avilla Elementary School.

A celebration of life reception will begin at 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8 at the Avilla Elementary School gymnasium. A private funeral service will be held at a later date at Center Point Christian Church. Father Stephen Wilson of Grace Episcopal Church and Bob Teegarden of Center Point Christian Church will be officiating.  Landree will be privately laid to rest following the funeral ceremony at Faskin Cemetery. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Weng Funeral Chapel in Jasper.