Stepping out to share his faith, Carthage's Nate Terry says he is putting his future in music in the Lord's hands.

Stepping out to share his faith, Carthage's Nate Terry says he is putting his future in music in the Lord's hands.

What is hoped to be the first of many, the Nate Terry Band will perform a show of Christian music at 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 19 at Fairview Christian Church. This performance will kick off a series of shows throughout the Midwest after the band goes to Nashville, Tenn. The band has encountered a unique opportunity – an invitation to the National Religious Broadcasters Conference on March 4.  
“I'm really looking forward to it,” Terry said. “It's going to be a great chance to network and launch our band.”

The event features a multi-media gathering of people from across the nation in the Christian genre; such as speakers, comedians, singers, outlets of television and radio and much, much more. It's a chance, Terry said, to share what their music means to the world.

“We hope as a band that the Lord will use us to speak to them at our concerts,” Terry said, as the lead singer of the band. “At concerts, you have all kinds of people from different walks of life, everyone has issues, different things they're dealing with, and we just want to give hope and encouragement – whatever they need to hear to feel God's love.

“To me, Christian music has a message of hope. I like different kinds of music, but other kinds don't have that promise,” Terry said. “I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that is what draws me to it. There's an eternal investment.”

Terry's passion behind his music is a shared element throughout the band. Randy Brooks, of Joplin, plays lead guitar and sings; Adam Rasmussen, who has known Terry for several years, plays piano;  JR Day, of Cassville, plays bass and sings; Ryan Ferguson, of Neosho; plays drums; and Jared Harder, of Joplin, plays guitar and sings.

“It's just been miraculous the way they've all come together,” Terry said of the band. “I could have searched the whole nation and never found such musicians. Every one is involved in their church, and it's important to each one of us. We each bring something different to the table, but the chemistry we have is really good.”

Terry said about half of the band's concerts are compiled of original material written by the band members, and the other half is cover worship songs.

"We've devoted the better part of our lives to music ministry and we still love what we're doing," Terry said. "It will be a remarkable thing to see how this all works out, and where God takes us."

Terry and his wife, Mandy, live in Carthage with their two sons, Johnathan, 18, and Jacob, 15. Terry has worked at Carthage Water & Electric for 17 years. After graduating from Carthage High School in 1992, he joined the Air Force (and married Mandy). They lived in North Dakota for three years, but found themselves missing the place they call home.

“Carthage gives me a sense of home,” Terry said. “It gives me a safe place to raise my kids, and a place to have roots. We're putting this (music career) in God's hands, but Carthage will always be home.”