The Truman State Bulldogs women’s basketball team launched another very impressive victory on Thursday as they totally dismantled Central Oklahoma 72 to 39.  Coming into the game it was thought that Central Oklahoma and Truman would match up well and it would be a competitive game but the Bulldogs controlled the game from the opening tip to the final buzzer as they not only were able to score at will but also played an outstanding defensive game.  This is an extrodinary group of student athletes and I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to see this team in action.  Your next chance to do that is on Saturday as Truman hosts Emporia State in what should be an excellent game as Emporia State always puts an excellent team on the floor and Truman has to payback from last year to take care of. 

The Truman Bulldogs men’s basketball team once again struggled and lost to a better than expected Central Oklahoma team.  The Bulldogs just haven’t been able to put together many solid games on both ends of the floor and I can’t imagine the level of frustration they must be feeling right now because they are so close but just come up a little bit short.  Truman hosts Emporia State on Saturday as well. 

The 10th ranked Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team is on the road for a game at Mississippi on Saturday.  It would appear that the SEC schedule favors Missouri in the early part of conference play as they are getting a lot of their easy games out of the way early.  Missouri continues to amaze me because I really didn’t expect them to be nearly as good as they are this season.  A couple of key transfers and an outstanding coaching staff have allowed the Tigers to be much better than I expected them to be. 

The Kirksville High School boys and girls basketball teams are both at Highland High School in Ewing, MO for games with the Cougars on Friday night.  The girls are for my money the best high school basketball teams certainly in this area and one of the top teams in the state while the boys have put together a string of impressive victories and have shown a lot of mental toughness and a never say die attitude that I really like. 

The Kirksville High School wrestling team will be in Centerville on Saturday for the Big Red tournament.  This tournament has been going on for as long as I can remember and is always an excellent tournament.  The KHS wrestling team has looked extremely impressive so far this season and I fully expect several first place finishes in Centerville on Saturday. 

The Truman State wrestling team is also in action this weekend as they face Lindenwood in a dual meet Friday night. 

The NFL playoffs move into the second round this weekend with the conference semifinals.  Both of the games on Saturday are excellent ones as the Baltimore Ravens travel to Denver to face the Broncos in a game that Denver should win and could win easily but the Ravens are playing inspired football right now so it could end up being a close game.  I still think the Broncos come out victorious though. 

Saturday’s second game features two teams who have been up and down this year as the Grene Bay Packers travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers.  The Packers certainly have the experience edge but the 49ers may have the talent edge to this game could go either way but should be a very good game. 

Sunday finds the Seattle Seahawks in Atlanta to play the Falcons in what I think will be the weekend’s upset.  The Seahawks are playing football at a very high level right now and the Falcons kind of limped into the playoffs and seem to have reached their peak several weeks ago.  I really don’t see the Falcons winning this game. 

The second game on Sunday finds the Houston Texans playing the New England Patriots.  The Texans like the Falcons peaked several weeks ago in my opinion and are lucky to have escaped last week with a victory and most likely won’t be nearly as lucky this weekend as they face a Patriots squad with loads of experience and a big home field advantage.  I really don’t see this game being very close or having much drama as the Patriots should easily beat the Texans on Sunday. 

We’ll be back on Monday to see how many of my predictions came true and we will also look back at this weekend’s other sports action.  Your support of this blog is very much appreciated and I hope you will do the same for the other blogs on this site as well. 

Have a terrific weekend!