Remission, pain, fatigue

Rheumatoid Arthritis can, thanks to new medications, go into periods of remission. This doesn’t mean you no longer have it or can’t experience symptoms from time to time, it just means that a number of the symptoms can go to sleep.

I went for a follow-up appointment with my favorite nurse and rheumy, Stephanie and Dr. Paula McMurtry, on Tuesday afternoon. My RA has decided to come out of remission and I am experiencing more pain and swelling than I have been. This is not a fun time. While my hands have always shown the symptoms whether I was in remission or not, the RA is showing itself in force in my back. 

Every move I make or don’t make is painful. The pain radiates up into my neck, which gives me a headache, out into my shoulders and ribs and down into my hips and legs. I was ready to crawl back into bed before I even got out of it, and sleep is simply not an option at this point with the high pain levels.

On the upside though it is going to be warm today. Well, very warm for Missouri in January. I am definitely looking forward to that, hope I can enjoy it for a bit.

I stated earlier that I try to keep my family separate but I have exciting news. My son, my baby, is getting married later this year!

This gives me the perfect incentive to overcome the RA and put it back into remission so that I don’t miss that day.  I try to always find something to keep me focused; otherwise it is so easy on the worst days to just give up. I am not a quitter and fight hard in everything I do. I am passionate about life and I am definitely not ready to give up. 

Our team, Two Feet for a Cure, is starting our fundraising for the KC Arthritis Walk in May at Worlds of Fun. We are always looking for new team members. Please consider donating or joining us for the fun.  To donate visit:

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On a different note: the flu is going around. This is a not pleasant experience this year. If you are running even a slight temperature, please stay home. You never know when someone you work with or come in contact with has a suppressed immune system. With a suppressed immune system, something as simple as a cold can do horrible things to our bodies. I have lost a few online friends who contracted a small, simple illness and died from complications of it. Please show respect for people around you.