Sophie Collier is only 3, but she already knows more about the Christmas spirit than some adults.

Sophie Collier is only 3, but she already knows more about the Christmas spirit than some adults.

Sophie talked about how she spent her Christmas day.

“We delivered meals for people who couldn’t get out and eat,” Sophie said as her mom and dad, Heather and Darren Collier looked on at the Carthage Crisis Center on Tuesday. “I brought treats too, Merry Christmas to you.”

The Colliers and other members of their family were among the volunteers who served Christmas dinner to dozens of people at the Crisis Center in the Community Christmas Dinner that has become a tradition for some families.

Heather, Darren and Sophie delivered some of the more than 105 meals the center delivered to families as far away as Galena, Kan.

“We had one woman in Galena who was sick and needed seven meals to feed a family, and they needed a food basket,” said Crisis Center Director Brian Bisbee. “We’ve been so blessed with food this year and we’re so happy to pass that along to whoever needs it. We had another woman who was burned out of her home recently and wanted to bring her family to the Crisis Center, but she was too stressed out so she asked if we could deliver.”

Dozens of people did come to the Crisis Center and shared in the food and fellowship of a community meal.

Crisis Center co-director Marilyn Bisbee coordinated a crew of more than 70 volunteers over three days to prepare the annual dinner. It’s the seventh year the center has hosted a Christmas Dinner and the fourth year they’ve hosted it at their facility at Central and Main streets.

“We’ve had a great group of volunteers,” Marilyn Bisbee said. “We’ve had some that couldn’t be here on Christmas Day, but they like to help and there’s always a lot of preparation that needs to be done for a dinner like this, so Saturday afternoon we had one group come in and volunteered and helped us a lot. And then on Monday morning we had a group and Monday afternoon we had another group of people who came in. They said that was part of their gift to the community and to the center, to come and help us do the preparation that’s necessary.”

Bisbee said two crews helped on Christmas Day, one early in the morning to help set up and another to serve the food and help clean up.

Bisbee said she’s learned over the years how to more efficiently run her crews and make the event fun for everyone.

“It’s really worked out well, we’ve had tremendous volunteer effort on the part of people who have come in and helped is and it’s really a lot of fun,” she said. “It’s a blessing to the community.”