The Missouri Community College Association recently honored a Crowder College student and faculty member.

The Missouri Community College Association recently honored a Crowder College student and faculty member.

D’Ann Dennis, director of nursing and health programs, was the recipient of the Missouri Community College Association’s Senior Service Award at the association’s 48th annual convention last month in Kansas City.

Dennis has been with Crowder since 1984.

“It was an honor,” she said. “I said when I got the award, it just seems like a short time actually.”

When Dennis first started at Crowder College in 1984, she was a part-time clinical instructor in the LPN program. As the program grew over the years, into today’s nursing program, Dennis moved up through the program to become a full-time instructor, program director, division chair, and director of nursing programs.

“It’s a great place to work and I couldn’t have chose any better place to spend my life at,” Dennis said.

Diana Oplachkova, an international student at Crowder College, was awarded the Missouri Community College Association’s Student Leadership Award at the same convention.

Oplachkova, a Russia native, is also an employee at Crowder College, working full-time in the business office.

Oplachkova, an accounting major, is finishing up her fourth and final year at Crowder.
She said the recognition was an accomplishment for her.

“It was a big surprise for me because I didn’t know I was nominated,” Oplachkova said.

She began her years at Crowder in the college’s English Language Institute and then enrolled in college courses once she completed the institute.

Oplachkova said once she graduates from Crowder, she plans to pursue a bachelors degree in accounting, with the goal of becoming a CPA.

She said she has narrowed down her choice of university to two schools.

“It’s really good to work with Crowder, I’m very happy to work here and be part of the Crowder family,” Oplachkova said.

Dr. Alan Marble, Crowder College president, said the awards are a sense of pride for Crowder. 

“D’ann is one of our senior faculty members and she brings a wealth of experience, energy and work ethic to the job,” Marble said. “Diana is new to us but she also is made up of the same stuff. They’re both just fantastic people and we’re proud they’re part of our team.”