A gesture of blessing from a community group is quite visible at Mercy McCune-Brooks Hospital.

A gesture of blessing from a community group is quite visible at Mercy McCune-Brooks Hospital.

A pot of flower bulbs, which are only known as “Blessings Bulbs” accented with a decorative shovel, painted by Sherry Pettey, was presented to the hospital on Wednesday, Oct. 17 from the Carthage chapter, Alpha Eta (under Alpha Delta Kappa).

Former Carthage teacher, Cecil Woodmanesse, also Missouri State President of ADK, started the Blessings Bulbs initiative for all 29 chapters in the state. At the state convention April 28-29 in St. Louis, she passed out bulbs and challenged each group to share them with their communities. The Carthage chapter, Alpha Eta, chose Mercy McCune-Brooks Hospital as the place where blessings were most needed and appreciated.

“Often times people come to a hospital setting with a lot of concerns, but we hope the blessing plant lets them know of all the blessings we have in the medical profession today,” said Mary Kirby, Alpha Eta member. “We are also blessed with a wonderful community.”

Brittiany Nixon, also Alpha Eta member, agreed.

“It brightens your day to see God's blessings,” she said. “Our goal is bring joy to those visiting the hospital or whatever the case may be.”

The Blessings Bulbs were welcomed with open arms and touched hearts.
“It's always neat to have a group like this take an interest in the hospital,” said Pam Barlet, community relations / program development with the hospital. “And what better way to fit their mission while we just recently celebrated Mercy Day. It's a win-win, and we are so thankful they chose us.”  

Alpha Eta has 45 members in the Carthage area. As representatives of the nationwide organization, Alpha Delta Kappa, the ladies promote education excellence. The group also has given the hospital children's books and puzzles for the waiting rooms since the hospital established its new location on the south side of Carthage.

ADK has one shovel and Blessings Bulbs at the group's headquarters in Kansas City, two shovels and Blessings Bulbs in Joplin, one located at Children's Center and one at Children's Haven, and one to be planted at the College of the Ozarks (state altruistic project). When all planting is completed, ADK will have 37 shovels and bulbs planted in different locations in the state of Missouri.