In July, a book hit the online literary market and book stores across America with a byline of a Carthage resident.

In July, a book hit the online literary market and book stores across America with a byline of a Carthage resident.

Ron Blauvelt, Carthage, published "In Quest of Truth," this year; a book compiled of his 40 years of in depth research regarding scientific facts correlating with Biblical interpretations. Tate Publishing picked up his manuscript very quickly, a company that is known to only accept 2-3 percent of submitted manuscripts a year.
“I was amazed,” he said, remembering when his publishing contract arrived in the mail two days after his submission. “I would have published this book with or without a company – It's hard for me to put my name on this book because I feel this is what God is leading me to say … This is above me.”

Blauvelt said his journey of creating a well-researched book all started when he was running for U.S. Senate circa 1973 in Nebraska.

“I was going to speak to a group of young people at a college in northwest Nebraska and upon arriving early I decided to sit in on an evolution class,” he said. “When I came out of that, I said to my friend,  who was a campus pastor, 'if those students were not really solid in their faith he destroyed it this morning.' I think it was at that point I decided that someday I was going to write a book.”

Blauvelt and his wife, Nila, have worked with youth for 16 years, and wanted to make the book friendly to young readers and college-aged people while at the same time keeping the book resourceful for adults. The book has been described as “scholarly,” while maintaining a readable, understandable relationship with the reader. Blauvelt said pastors have given him positive feedback, and professors have said they wished they had the book before in the classroom to help fill in the holes evolution teaches.

“It's been an incredible journey, doing seminars for 20 some years and getting the book written and published has been a real joy and a real goal of my life,” Blauvelt said. “It's been a joy presenting this in churches and college and clubs, book signings and so on.”

In Quest of Truth answers intriguing questions such as: were there creations before ours? What about prehistoric animals and manlike creatures? How old is our planet? How vast is our universe? And many others.

“You don't put evolution ideas with your faith because they are not harmonious – you can put scientific fact,” Blauvelt said, then stated his favorite quote from the book, “We will put into place a scientific building block and then marvel as the scripture welds it into place.”

Quoting some of the greatest minds in science and including Darwin's autobiography, Blauvelt says the book is not for those who seek comfort in unchallenged thinking or for those who do not wish to have their long-held theories confronted with scientific evidence.

Known in the Carthage community as a cattleman, real estate broker, manager of international sales, public speaker, church worker and a pastor of 21 years. He has served on school boards, advisory boards, and as a Board of Regents for a college for 15 years.

Ron Blauvelt may be contacted by calling 417-310-3315, or mailing Ron Blauvelt, 18665 Hwy. 96, Carthage, MO 64836.

“I started this journey hoping that science and scripture could somehow complement each other – that they were not two savage beasts tearing at each other's throats,” he said. “Today, I am overwhelmed by how nicely they have jelled.”