Imagine a day of peace around the world – that's today.

Imagine a day of peace around the world – that's today.

Sept. 21 is the International Day of Peace and Carthage schools prepared to join the world-wide celebration all week by creating pinwheels. Students in the elementary schools and the Carthage Middle School were encouraged to display their artwork and ideas on what peace means to them.

“At the middle school, classes made large pinwheels with each student coloring a small section,” said Amy Curti, SPIRIT program coordinator and facilitator at CMS. “At this age level we like to have them start thinking of peace as a community project. It's a chance for the students to express artistically their views on world peace.”

Curti described multiple interpretations of peace the students drew, and that there were no wrong answers. She smiled as she remembered when the students were told they were joining a project that an estimated 4.5 million other students were doing around the world.

“They started to realize they were a part of something much bigger than themselves,” Curti said. “What's really positive about this project is they really praise each other's work and show respect to one another. Since children are our future, if they are envisioning world peace already – who knows what could happen.”

Sixth grader Malory Moore said her contribution to the class pinwheel was a dove.
“It represents peace,” she said.

“Most people in the nation aren't peaceful so this is neat we can do this as a school,” said Obed Sanchez, CMS sixth grader.

“On the 21st, the whole world will have peace – even over in Egypt, Iran or wherever there is war,” said Zachary Workes, CMS sixth grader.

The pinwheels are on display throughout the schools. At the middle school, Curti said they will remain on display through the next parent-teacher conferences Oct. 24-25.