Shelby's Adventures will continue, but her role as a second-year MDA ambassador is finished.

Shelby's Adventures will continue, but her role as a second-year MDA ambassador is finished.

Through this year, The Carthage Press has reported on the events and developments of a Carthage 10 year old named Shelby Shores. She lives with muscular dystrophy, and with it she has met countless people, overcome challenges and inspired those around her.

“I know over the past two years a lot of people have fallen in love with our daughter, Shelby, and her wonderful smile,” said her mother, Clarice Shores. “We will continue to stay active in supporting the MDA because it's close to our hearts. We are just so grateful and thankful for the outpouring of support from our community, our school district and the MDA. I couldn't imagine doing this without them.”

Today, as a fifth grader at Carthage Middle School, Shelby uses a scooter for school, church, shopping and other activities that require distance travel. She fatigues easily, and wears SMO braces on her ankles to help prevent slipping.

“Some of the simplest things, like doing homework, wears her out because she doesn't have strength or endurance in her arms and hands,” Clarice said, “and yet she is the strongest and bravest 10 year old I have ever met.”

Shelby is excited these days because she joined the CMS band as a flute player. Clarice said students and teachers alike have been more than helpful and encouraging.

“I love this district,” Clarice said. “I'm just amazed at the warmth and awareness that has come out of Shelby's Adventures.”

Shelby has made quite an impression on the world around her. Engineer Wade Sterling with the Neosho Fire Department is just one example. He and the rest of the department agreed they were having a good time supporting Shelby and all other kids like her during the annual MDA Boot Block Labor Day weekend.

“We really hit it off and she struck a chord with me and my family,” he said. “Last year she rode with me in the fire truck in the Christmas parade, and we all took pictures and hung out with her during the Boot Block this year … She's too cute of a little girl to be dealing with all that pain.”

The next MDA event is the 25th Annual Blast from the Past in Joplin. The event is set for Oct. 19-20, at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, including the floor show, dancing, Arnold's [Classic 50s] Diner, and contests. Tickets will go on sale Sept. 15th at 8 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Convention Center. Limited seating will be available.

"With the themed music of previous decades and the sight of all the old faces the event is sure to be a success," says Cemma Hurn, MDA spokesperson. "Most of the previous Blast from the Past committee members are working alongside [members of the] Muscular Dystrophy Association to plan the event."

To keep in touch with Shelby Shores and her family, go to Facebook and like “Shelby's Adventures.”