This is quite a way to be welcomed to Carthage.

This is quite a way to be welcomed to Carthage.

As Alice Lynn Greenwood was preparing her art show and gearing up the opening reception with Sally Armstrong, director of artCentral at Hyde House on Wednesday, she also had a car load of her things to still be moved into her home in Carthage. Not only was her situation unique for a show, her art in itself is unlike any seen before at Hyde House.

“The Art of Texting: Painted Words of Wisdom, Wit and Whimsy,” exhibit is just as it sounds. Greenwood’s thought-provoking and beautiful pieces of art are definably something special for local art appreciators to enjoy.

“They're fun and wonderful,” Armstrong said, standing in the main gallery at Hyde House. “She is a very talented writer – It's energy. The important thing is she's showing what she's doing now, and I think people will be encouraged by them.”

Visitors of the art show will see “Ume Femme d'un Certain Age,” a self portrait of Greenwood, as she sees herself “internally youthful and fiery.”

“I have such a deep, deep love of language,” Greenwood said. “I read for truth and beauty; that well-turned phrase just grabs you. I love it so much when I text, I don't leave out punctuation.
“I think (her art) it shows me,” she continued as she looked around the gallery. “I hear paintings before I see them. I know I'm not crazy because I have a friend who is a musician, and his passion for music is like my love for language, and he says he can see the notes on the page before he hears them … This is my impulse to share what I'm hearing.”

What one art lover will experience with a piece might differ from another, but Greenwood said she has already found a warm and embracing welcome from Carthage.

“It's been amazing,” she said. “When I first came here, the area had suffered a horrific tragedy. And in that time I found that compassion this community has bestowed on those victims can also be felt for newcomers.
“I love coming here to Hyde House,” Greenwood continued. “Sally is so gifted and I feel very fortunate to be here – very fortunate.”

About Alice Lynn Greenwood
This Little Rock, Ark., native earned an art degree at Hendrix College. She spent years in New York City with her two children and two cats while she studied at the General Theological Seminary and the Art Students League. As her son and daughter spread their wings, she traveled to Vermont, Australia, and Wisconsin (just to name a few places) and for the past 10 years she has lived in Fayetteville, Ark. She says one day she will make it to Paris, France, because that's where her heart is.

About Greenwood’s Art
Greenwood’s newest series, “The Art of Texting,” is a collection of riffs on finely turned phrases – some succinct, others meandering. A devoted lover of language with a preference for the poetic, Greenwood artfully nods to sms texting – the contemporary techno communication often created with two thumbs on tiny, handheld keyboards typing characters on LEDs.