Carthage High School freshmen have something in common with one of their teachers.

Carthage High School freshmen have something in common with one of their teachers.

Patricia Woods, science teacher at the high school, is new to the building this year, which makes her relate well to her freshman students. The high school can be an intimidating place to both a 15-year-old, and a teacher from Sarcoxie.

“Being in a building where there's 180 faces I've never seen before has been different and hard for me,” Woods said. “So far it's been awesome, though. My kids are great - look at them working together.”

The “new kid on the block” mentality is definably a shared emotion with the students.
“Not knowing anybody is a challenge,” said freshman Kylie Baugh. “It's OK. High school's not as scary as everybody makes it out to be.”

Hector Marin, freshman, was surprised to learn his teacher was new to the building.
“I never would have known that – she's so cool,” he said. “She's laid back, let's us talk and go outside.”

For one science project on Thursday, the students conducted an experiment to see if the circumference of your head affects how far you can jump. After going outside to measure the students' jumps, they returned to the classroom to graph their findings.

“No, there's no relation,” Woods said with a laugh, “but this gives me a good idea on where they're at in knowing variables and graphing … It's good to get outside these walls once in a while.”

Freshman Adela Delapena said she is already finding herself looking forward to Woods' class.

“It's not like other classes where you learn from a board, you interact with each other and the teacher,” she said.

Woods said her welcome to the high school, from not only the students, but faculty and the administration, has been a warm one.

“I have other teachers coming up and asking if I need anything, and in the office the other day Kandy Frazier, the principal, asked how I was doing,” Woods said. “It's just so nice to know they care.”

Woods taught all grade levels in Sarcoxie for two years in subjects of anatomy, physiology, chemistry and physical science. She received her bachelor’s degree in secondary education in 2009, and a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2010, from Missouri Southern State University, Joplin.