Angie Casavecchia: Public Administrator
Election Profile

Angie Casavecchia Public Administrator How long have you lived in Jasper County? My entire life I've lived in or near Jasper County. Sometimes I've lived in Joplin but on the Newton County side. What is your career background? What do you do now? I graduated from Missouri Southern with a degree in sociology in 1991, and my entire professional career since that time has been working with people with disabilities. I worked at Ozark Center as a caseworker. Then I worked for the Department of Mental Health for about 12 years before I ran for office. I've been public administrator since 2009, so this is the end of my first term. What are the duties of the office of Public Administrator? The public administrator's main job is to be guardian and conservator for people who are deemed incapacitated by the court. Those people don't have anyone else to act for them. What makes you qualified to hold this office? When I was in college I did an internship with the public administrator at that time, who was Janice Tusinger, and I told her then 'When you retire I think I might want to run for this job.' I have lots of experience with people with disabilities. There's so much more than being able to work with people with disabilities, although that's the main thing. There's so much administrative stuff too, which I really had to learn. I've developed contacts with resources to help with the things I wasn't sure of.