Connie Hoover: Assessor
Election Profile

Connie Hoover: Assessor How long have you lived in Jasper County? I was born in Jasper County, so all my life. What is your career background? What do you do now? I had always been a secretary. I worked at a church and was the pastor’s secretary and did treasury work there. Then I went into real estate in 1991. Then I had my own Remax, I was a broker at Remax- Carthage. I was there until 2000, and then I worked up here for three years. That’s when I had the idea to run when Mr. Davis retired. I was elected in 2008, but I didn’t take office until September 2009 because of the assessment cycle. What are the duties of the office of Public Assessor? We put a market value on real estate, which then leads to an assessed value and then the collector puts his tax levies on there and sends out a tax bill. What makes you qualified to hold this office? We’ve made a lot of progress in the three years that I’ve been here. We opened a satellite office in Joplin at the courts building at 6th and Pearl. There’s a big population on the west side of the county that always had to drive clear to Carthage. We dealt with the Joplin tornado. There have been a lot of accomplishments but I’m not done yet.