Darieus K. Adams: Western District Commissioner
Election Profile

Darieus K. Adams: Western District Commissioner How long have you lived in Jasper County? All my life, that'd be 58 years. What is your career background? What do you do now? Politically, I was on the city council for eight years. I was the mayor of Joplin for two years. On the other side, I've owned a small business, Davis Advertising Specialties since 1991. I've been Western District County Commissioner for eight years. What are the duties of the office of Western District Commissioner? I always use the analogy that it's the business agent of the county. We negotiate all the contracts. We take care of all the maintenance and the buildings. We spend a lot of time with different committees, and we spend some time in Jefferson City working with the state legislators, making sure we're on the same page. We take care of the day-to-day activities as they come. What makes you qualified to hold this office? I hope eight years of doing it would have some influence on what the people think. I think it's something that gets in your blood. After being in the political arena for eight years, it's something I wanted to continue, and I love doing what I do.