David and Rhonda Thorn have another successful event under their belts.

David and Rhonda Thorn have another successful event under their belts. The 13th Greater Ozarks Annual British Motoring Club Show was July 27, and ended on July 29. Locals were able to see more than 90 entries in Carthage as they spent the weekend among other car enthusiasts and friends. “We have people from seven different states coming in,” David said before the event. “Getting to see everyone again (is the best part),” Rhonda had said. “It's like a big homecoming. You meet people and you never forget them. This show lets us see our friends and where life is taking them.” Friday's highlights included a cookout at the Econo Lodge for anyone with a registered entry. Saturday kicked off the show at 9 a.m., on the Square, and in the afternoon the entries took a historic drive around town – ending at Red Oak II. A farewell breakfast on Sunday concluded the weekend. The most highly anticipated event during the show happened Saturday evening at the Memorial Hall. Every year the Thorns host a themed banquet with an entertaining awards ceremony. This year the theme was Halloween. “It's just a blast – everyone gets into it,” David said. “We have some who just come to the banquet because it's so much fun,” Rhonda added. “We started having themes about eight years ago, but last year's was just the best – we did 'Hillbilly / Redneck' and it was so much fun.” With the Thorns as the host of this car show, visitors always express a positive experience. The show is a unique one with its hometown hospitality, banquet and wide variety of vehicles. There are approximately 120 members in the British Motoring Club, and quite a few volunteer their various skills and time for this event. “If it wasn't for our volunteers we wouldn't have a good show,” Rhonda said. “We have a survey for our guests, one to five, if they would like to move the show, and 99 percent say in big letters, 'No!'” “They love coming to Carthage,” David said. “The people here are friendly and accommodating.” “The ladies love shopping at the sidewalk sale,” Rhonda added. Thirteen years ago, the British Motoring Club was only six-months-old when they hosted their first car show on the Square. “There were about 40 cars, no banquet – We had our trophies right there on the courthouse steps and it was over,” David said. “It grew from there.” This year, the Thorns assured local car enthusiasts the variety will not leave viewers wanting. Jaguars to small MGTs, brand new to antique, some are driven in from their far-away homes and some come riding into Carthage on trailers. There is even a non-British open class, which David said, “means there's something for everyone.” The MG TD's pre-war vehicle is the biggest class this year. And behind every car there is a story. “Some of them have been passed down from generation to generation,” Rhonda said. “Some of these cars really do have sentimental value.” “We have one couple from Iowa that always comes and you never know what they're going to bring,” David added. The vehicles are judged by People's Choice, Best of Show, along with fun categories like “longest distance traveled,” and “diamond in the rough.” The show is non-profit, and the proceeds are donated every year to a charity of the Thorns' choosing. It's all in the name of fun, the Thorns say.