JCYF?Beautiful Baby Contest winners are ...

JCYF?Beautiful Baby Contest:

Girls 0-3 months: Elise Beck, daughter of Tyler and Rebecca Beck – youngest baby; Nova Couch, daughter of Christina Poblete and Sheldon Couch – most hair; Araylia Gilstrap, daughter of Latricia and Josh Gilstrap – cutest country attire. Also competing was Mya Ellingsworth, daughter of Randyall and Bethany Ellingsworth.

Boys 0-3 months: Reece Burns, son of Mike and Marla Burns – youngest baby; Quentin Hayward, son of Ronnie and Veronica Hayward – most hair.

Girls 4-6 months: Samantha Poe, daughter of Joel and Sarah Poe – prettiest smile and cutest fair costume; Emma Baugh, daughter of Kristy Baugh – most hair and cutest country attire.

Boys 4-6 months: Joseph Joslin, son of Jeremy and Cassandra Joslin – cutest smile and cutest country attire; Zeke Sanderson, son of Justin and Krystal Sanderson – most hair and cutest fair costume.

Girls 7-11 months: Charlie Baucom, daughter of Justin and Kelsey Baucom – prettiest smile and most teeth; Hattie Mozelle Smith, daughter of Smitty and Jessie Smith – most hair and cutest country attire.

Boys 7-11 months: Jacob Case, son of Chad and Vanessa Case – cutest smile and cutest fair costume; Camden Shields, son of Marcie and Jake Shields – most teeth and cutest country attire; Koner Gunter, son of Jerrad and Kyly Gunter – most hair.

Girls 12-17 months: Marlee Massey, daughter of Brian and Katie Massey – prettiest smile and most hair and cutest fair costume; Layla Laney, daughter of Samantha and Doug Laney – most teeth and curliest hair and cutest country attire.

Boys 12-17 months: Blayne Daugherty, son of Wes and Jaci Daugherty – cutest smile and most teeth; Grayson Brown, son of Kayla Brown – curliest hair; Eli Madsen, son of Sam and Jenny Madsen – most hair, cutest fair costume; Landry Buffer, son of Scott and Kari Buffer – cutest country attire.

Girls 18-24 months: Hailey Hensley, daughter of Donovan and Amber Hensley – prettiest smile; Zannah Grigg, daughter of Mike Grigg and Shannah Cassett Grigg – curliest hair and most hair; Evelyn Neher, daughter of Andy and Danielle Neher – cutest personality and most talkative; Leigha Youngblood, daughter of Scott and Victoria Youngblood – cutest country attire and cutest fair costume.

Boys 18-24 months: Wyatt Hayward, son of Ronnie and Veronica Hayward – cutest smile; Brady Ward, son of Trent Jones and Carley Ward – curliest hair, most hair, cutest country attire; Ian Sheppard, son of Jennifer Sheppard – cutest personality and most talkative.