After 50 years, the Nearly New Shop on Grand Avenue will be closing its doors July 31.

After 50 years, the Nearly New Shop on Grand Avenue will be closing its doors July 31.

The consignment business has served as an outreach for the Grace Episcopal Church, but due to the drastic economic changes through the years the store cannot continue.

“Everything has changed a lot and there are so many more consignment stores in our area we just can't keep it going anymore,” said Nancy Dymott, who has served as the treasurer of the Nearly New board  since 2005. “We haven't been able to reach our goals in giving back to the church, and good stewardship says to move on and see what God has next for us … It's been a good ministry.”

The Nearly New Shop moved from Cedar Road to the Grand Avenue location in the 1980s. The building was once a grocery store, changed hands and was eventually passed on to the church. With so many years in the Carthage community, many local shoppers are sad to see it close. Tammy Tasker, of Oronogo, works in Carthage and enjoyed the Nearly New Shop as one of her go-to stores.
“It's always been easy to shop here so it's sad to see it go,” she said.

Even though this is the end for the Nearly New Shop, the building at 1203 Grand Ave., will continue the church's outreach to the community in some fashion. Grace Episcopalians are invited to a brainstorming meeting to pray and think about the possibilities at 11 a.m. Saturday, July 14 at the church.

“We're not sure what will come up but the Nearly New has been a wonderful ministry and a big part of everyone's lives,” said Father Steve Wilson on Tuesday.

Cindy Chilton, of Webb City, has managed the shop for five years and said the store has made her connection to Carthage special.

“I'm really going to miss my volunteers and the customers a lot,” she said. “But it's just run it's course. I don't like to say we're closing – we're retiring. And you know, every girl wants a face-lift after 50 years … I have many ideas to present to the board on Saturday, and hopefully people will come see me when we start something new.”

Any present consignors who have questions should contact the shop at 358-7144, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., to schedule an appointment with the manager before July 20. Until July 31, local shoppers are encouraged to drop by and see further discounts on clothes, shoes, jewelry and other odds and ends in the store.