The Carthage Fire Department will be spending almost $78,000 on new equipment, but that price will buy more than just one new brush truck.

The Carthage Fire Department will be spending almost $78,000 on new equipment, but that price will buy more than just one new brush truck.

Carthage Fire Chief Chris Thompson clarified that the actual cost of buying a new crew-cap truck and equipping it to be used as a new brush truck will actually cost $52,935, including $27,665 for the new truck, $15,000 for a new “skid unit,” which includes the pumps, a water tank and all equipment needed to pump water from the tank, $1,790 for a protective front bumper and approximately $8,400 for other equipment, striping, and emergency lights.

The department is also spending approximately $15,000 a separate skid unit to install on a 1998 flatbed truck that had been used as a brush truck, but has also been out of service for several weeks because of problems with the pumps.

Another purchase in this project will be a 6-foot-by-12-foot enclosed cargo trailer and equipment for the trailer.

Thompson said the trailer would be used to store and haul rescue equipment and a cascade system used to recharge air bottles on the self-contained breathing apparatus, worn by firefighters who enter burning buildings.

He said that equipment had been carried by the rescue squad, Rescue 611, which was sold as part of the financing of this project.

“We’ve found it’s more economical to carry those items in a trailer than in a van,” Thompson said.

Carthage City Council approved the sale of the three trucks and purchase of the new truck and equipment on a voice vote during Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Also approved were a front bumper and winch and new emergency lights for the 1998 GMC truck that will be getting the new skid unit. Total costs for both those items were $4,290.

Thompson said Fire Master has picked up the rescue vehicle it bought from the CFD for $6,000 and the Pineville Fire Department has taken the squad unit it purchased for $21,100.

Thompson said the he has an agreement with the Redings Mill Fire Department that Carthage can hold on to the brush truck Redings Mill is purchasing for $7,250 until the new brush truck is in service in 90 to 120 days.

New sirens in place

Thompson said the new storm sirens are in place and the company installing them is working to install the wiring, switches and computers needed to operate them.

Thompson said the last of eight new sirens was installed on Peach Tree Circle south of Fir Road near U.S. Highway 71 last week.

The new sirens replace 11 older sirens, some dating from the 1990s and others dating from the 1950s.

He said the new sirens have a radius of a little more than 7,000 feet compared to a 5,000-foot radius for the older sirens.

The new sirens will also allow the department to phase out the weekly siren tests residents hear every Saturday at noon.

Thompson said the new sirens have the capability to be tested silently by computers.
Thompson said the city has arranged with the Jasper County Emergency Services Board for the 9-1-1 center south of town to sound the sirens when authorized by him.

The Carthage Fire Station will also have the switches needed to sound the sirens.

Thompson said it would take a few more days to get all the sirens wired together and install the computers and switches.