Effective July 2012 a couple of familiar faces will be taking the helm for the Carthage Junior High School.

Effective July 2012 a couple of familiar faces will be taking the helm for the Carthage Junior High School.

Jenny Bogle, principal, and Regina Fields, assistant principal and athletic director, said they were ready to take on their new roles with a school they love. They said no changes were needed, just a continuation of something great.

“Mr. Wallace did a phenomenal job in raising the standards here at the junior high with student-parent expectations and the sense that we're all a team,” Bogle said.

“I think it's important we continue that positive, safe learning environment for our students even as we grow,” Fields said. “Right now I feel parents feel good about bringing their kids here.”

A challenge Bogle and Fields said they were preparing for was the expected growth in the student body for the 2013-2014 school year. Bogle said making the best use of space, and sharing classrooms will be necessary.

“We have some spots across both streets but I want all our students in one building,” she said.

Some would argue junior high is a fragile time in a young adult's life, and Bogle and Fields agree.

“Oh no doubt about it it's hard,” Bogle said, “but we're the key in keeping them encouraged and interested in education. We keep them motivated here and they'll move on to graduation.”

Fields added junior high is a turning point for many, if not all, students. Together, Bogle and Fields said they can make a positive difference in Carthage students.

“What I like about Mrs. Bogle is that she is fair, firm and consistent,” Fields said. “I carried the same philosophy in my classroom, and these roles are a good transition.”

“As long as we're making the decisions for what's best for our students the possibilities are endless,” Bogle added. “I really want parents to know they're welcome here at the school. I want their involvement – I want volunteers. We had some fantastic parents last year, and that meant we had support at home. That support in our decisions, our rules and expectations makes it better for the kids.”

Before coming to Carthage 15 years ago, Bogle taught high school English and coached girls' basketball for Westville, Okla. She took on those same duties for Carthage Junior High until 2005 when she transitioned to the assistant principal / athletic director's position. She earned her bachelor's of arts in English and master's in education administration from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Okla.

Fields brings a multitude of experiences in teaching, coaching and administering. This southeast Kansas native said the bulk of her career before coming to Carthage in 2005 was her 10 years at Liberal. She earned her bachelor's, master's and certification from Pittsburg State University. Until this July, she has taught seventh and eighth grade math for the junior high.

“When I came to Carthage it was quite a relief to do just one thing,” Fields said. “I was familiar with Carthage before I came here because I brought students here to test, and even then, you could tell this school was very student-oriented. The work on the walls, the accomplishments on display – that was a draw for me.”

Bogle said Carthage is home.

“There's no question that this is where I'm supposed to be,” she said.