A fun book has been published with local talent.

A fun book has been published with local talent.

Dan Trogdon's “And So It Goes,” was self-published and self-illustrated, and will make its first public debut during Art Walk. The book is a collection of cartoons that portrays little, humorous things in life, play on words and other thoughts to get readers thinking outside the box.

“Random is a good way to describe it,” Trogdon said with a smile, “there's no theme, just some of my ideas I think are funny … I think it'll make you laugh.”

For example, one cartoon shows two sandwiches with a big question over the top of them, “Which came first?” Below the sandwiches are labeled, the chicken salad sandwich, and the egg salad sandwich. With a little chuckle, Trogdon shrugged his shoulders.

“My sense of humor has always leaned toward the absurd,” he said. “I've been told my cartoons remind people of the comics, like The Far Side, and that is the biggest compliment to me – If I can make someone laugh, that is the greatest thing.”

Trogdon is a 1971 Carthage High School graduate, went on to earn his bachelor's in education from Drury University and then taught for Springfield public schools for 27 years. He moved back to Carthage in 1998, and said he has enjoyed being home again.

And So It Goes came together for Trogdon, but he said never in his life did he consider himself artistic.

“I already have ideas now for a second book – drawing is the hard part,” he said. “I wanted to draw my own ideas to present them as I saw them. Some are a real challenge, but the more I did, the more progress I saw, so I just kept at it, and haven't looked back since.”

Trogdon and his book will be stationed at Annie's on the west side of the Square during Art Walk, June 1-2.

In the near future, those interested in Trogdon's work may visit www.andsoitgoescartoons.com.