It’s time for the real vote.

It’s time for the real vote.

The Presidential Primary of Feb. 7 didn’t count when it comes to Missouri Republicans deciding who they want to represent their party in the November presidential race.

The real voting happens at the Jasper County Republican Caucus starting at 9 a.m. Saturday at Carthage’s Memorial Hall.

Jasper County Republican Central Committee Chairman John Putnam said if he has his way, the results of the county straw poll, which will determine how Jasper County’s 46 delegates vote in the state conventions, will be released on Saturday.

“If I’m elected the caucus chair and the rules I’m proposing are approved, we will have the results of the straw poll after the caucus is over, just for Jasper County and we’ll be able to tell people who is going forward with what proportion of the 46 delegates,” Putnam said. “What the state party says is there will not be a state-wide vote result given of who won the delegates in Missouri on Saturday because this delegate selection process doesn’t make the final determination of who those delegates will be and who they will vote for. It’s a tiered process.”

Putnam said his proposals are tentative until the caucus on Saturday when the people will elect a caucus chair and set the rules.

Putnam said he’s expecting a big crowd for Saturday’s event.

“We’re also asking people to bring a folding chair,” Putnam said. “We’ve only got 400 chairs and I heard that Barry County had their caucus on Tuesday night. They were causing to elect 14 delegates and 268 people showed up. So if we’ve got 46 delegates in Jasper County and a proportional number of people show up, my 400 chairs isn’t going to get the job done.”

Putnam said voters will register between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Saturday and the actual caucus starts at 10 a.m.

Putnam said all registered voters are invited to attend, but those wanting to vote will be required to sign a non-binding affidavit saying he or she is a Republican.

“We will have a list of registered voters and people can establish that with a voter id card or photo id and they need to self-acclaim themselves as Republicans,” Putnam said. “We won’t interrogate them with bright lights or rubber hoses.”

Putnam said voters will also be able to propose changes to the state Republican platform at Saturday’s caucus.

He said people can see the proposed platform at the website Any proposed changes will have to be submitted in writing.