We asked our friends on Facebook what their New Year’s resolutions might be. These people responded.

• Ann Ingram: “My New Year’s resolution was going to be to not make one. Today (Dec. 27) was a harsh reminder that life is too short. Now my New Year’s resolution will be to not take one moment for granted. Chelsey, you will be missed.”

• Carolyn Sloniker: “That 2012 to be the best year ever! Learned a long time ago to never make a resolution that you're not ready to do.”

• Greg Atkinson: “To spend more time in prayer. To be a better husband and father.”

• Della Bergen: “Be more organized! Life is messy.”

• Brian Brust: “Career change to have more time with family.”

• Neely and Jeff Myers: “Our resolution is to focus on paying off debt.”

The May 22 tornado in Joplin was obviously the biggest story of 2011 in this area, heck it was one of the biggest in the nation. We asked our Facebook friends what was the biggest story in Carthage in 2011 besides the tornado. Here are their responses.

Heather Baker Wade said “The 'sale' of MBRH.”

Brian Crigger said “All the wonderful and educational activities at the Battle of Carthage Sesquicentennial. It really made a part of our rich history come alive!”

Carolyn Sloniker said “The purchase of Boots Motel and for 2012 that more jobs come to our area.”

These are the results of an online pole about the biggest Carthage stories of 2011 were:

• February’s blizzard 30%

• 150th anniversary of the Battle of Carthage: 0%

• Passage of Fire Safety Tax: 0%

• The lease of McCune-Brooks Regional Hospital to Sisters of Mercy Health Systems: 45%

• Ongoing dispute between the Jasper County Sheriff and Commissioner: 25%  

Total votes as of Dec. 30: 40