“If I had only known . . .”

“If I had only known . . .”

A thought like this is just one of many sorrowful phrases that we find ourselves uttering. The history of man is full of stories of those who didn’t know or who chose to turn from knowing. Since the beginning of time, regretful statements have been going on. The fact is, we are either those who will or will not choose to listen, look, learn and be led by truth. So which are we?

A great paraphrase concerning the wisdom of learning can be found in Matthew 5:5, which states, “Blessed are the teachable, for they shall inherit the earth.” What a difference it would have made if we each chose to sit before God and be teachable. Development in life and in the hereafter depends upon seeking after truth. For sure, every chooser needs to have full truth.

Where do we get truth? This totally depends upon who is saying what truth is and to whom we are listening. There are sweet voiced, charismatic ‘speakers’ everywhere – TV networks, politicians, newspapers, seminars, social organizations and forums, schools, churches, families, friends, movies, radio shows, ad infinitum. Unfortunately, not all voices reveal the whole truth. Man has always been misled by deceivers since the beginning of time. Just consider the serpent (Genesis, chapter 3).

Life is a matter of constant choice between truth and error. Truth is a blessed and wonderful thing because if we lived in truth we would then be void of error. Wisdom is affirming truth which keeps us from being cursed and blighted. The dumb conclude otherwise, while the wise sees wisdom in thinking. It is not wise to conclude that thinking is dumb because problems come about as a result of not choosing to think or to quest. It is wise to have full knowledge and understanding before we make choices.

Please take a moment to consider any choice you made. Was it wise or stupid? The result of our choice reveals the answer to that question. We can only realize right when we choose to get true knowledge and wisdom. We will always get truth from the only true God if we are seeking his counsel and are a truth-driven people.

Please don’t ignore God’s invitation to receive wisdom as well as God's other offers and promises. These are things that did not come from human thinking. The Bible reveals, “Let he who is without wisdom ask of God.” Now this is true because God said it, and many throughout time have upheld this by sharing their stories, which can be found in the sacred writings of God’s love and redemptive actions toward man — God's “self-choosing creation” who turned away from God's wisdom.

God has always been faithful to hear man's cries and to give what is truly needed if man will but revere and choose to act in and under his lordship. Man is the foolish one if he does not honor God and his wisdom. A way through and out of our foolishness has been given. So, let us be fooled no longer.

Bill Sutter is a Carthage Press columnist from Carthage. His occupation is “Faith Walker.”