After putting in years of service in the work industry or raising children, you are now retired. What comes next?????

After putting in years of service in the work industry or raising children, you are now retired. What comes next?????

Well……… certainly sitting at home is not an option for an active senior citizen. Volunteer work is an excellent way for a senior citizen to remain active in their community and to use their years of experience to help others. According to a recent survey, senior citizens watch an average of 7 hours of TV a day.

This survey can be viewed at this website:

I was completely blown away by this number!!! That means that seniors are spending ½ to ¾ of their time awake during the day watching TV. This high number also explains why so many seniors suffer from depression. It is estimated that 6 million people over 65 years of aged are diagnosed with depression. Out of all of those seniors, it is estimated that only 10% receive proper treatment. The depression can stem from living a sedentary lifestyle and becoming reclusive due to health issues and lack of a good social network.

There are many ways that a senior can stay involved in their community and active during their retirement. Some opportunities for volunteer work: church organizations, our local nursing homes or assisted living facilities, our local schools, Salvation Army, our local Senior Center, our local hospital or become involved with your family/friends and offer to help them as they work or raise children. 

Five excellent reasons to consider being a volunteer:

Volunteering has both physical and mental rewards.  It is known to reduce stress and make you healthier and happier.  Giving and helping others often brings us great joy.

Volunteers save resources for that particular organization.

Volunteer work brings people together.  So many seniors are home alone or spend a lot of time alone.  Volunteer work is a great way to be social and be around people. 

Volunteers strengthen our community.  They help organizations be more successful.  Volunteers improve school systems, support many families and youth and beautify our community.  A priceless position in the community!

Volunteers-We need you in the work force!  Volunteers make a big difference in the organizations they serve.  Seniors, your knowledge and experience are valuable to us in the work industry.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that serve our Carthage community.  Your time and dedication to your work has greatly helped our community.  If you would like information on places to volunteer, please do not hesitate to send me an email.

Terri Miller, LNHA, is the Administrator of Maple Tree Terrace Assisted Living. She is also a guest columnist for The Carthage Press. She can be reached at