Yes, life sure is, but what is it?

Yes, life sure is, but what is it?

As we look around we find life is so vast and complex. All persons are unique and different in every way. Yet there are also some similarities. All of this makes life interesting. But in this diversity, there is also a great need for a harmonicity to be realized.  Where and how is this interplay of all brought about?

Life is about the past, the present and the future and you can’t have one without the other two. While life is about being and doing, about getting and giving, about knowing, understanding and wisely choosing, all life rests upon a present moment.

How very awesome are our present moments and how needful to have respect for the present moment and for the place and the people with whom we are living in the present moments. The unity and concern for commonality in the world today is not being realized because we are not upholding a constituted and agreed upon way. These ‘ancient’ and historical ways are being set aside for conventionality and convenience as well as the individual importance of being responsible and free. Thus responsibility is not being learned and demanded in all things and in all ways. So how can these matters be realized to the maximum for all concerned?

Well, who is in the ‘all concerned’ and who is not? Are we excluding or including others? Do we sense that we are included? Could it be that since we do not include others, we in turn sense that we are not included?

The topic for today’s column proposes LIFE IS. If life is not, we could not even consider this matter, as we would not be alive, lacking consciousness and having no reality. We simply would not be. But since we each are conscious and alive in our realities, there is a great need for serious consideration of how best to realize life.

The basis of life is given by God, the Creator. If it were not for God’s creative actions, there would be no creation and therefore no creatures. So since we are some of God’s creatures called Man, we are included and part of the “all concerned,” We each then are a “whosoever,” one for whom God sent his Son to reveal his love and also redeem us thru the Son’s sacrifice on the Cross.

Yes, it is Easter and through it, we can come to not only understand what LIFE IS all about, we’ll be fulfilled in our personal lives, and as a member of the “all concerned,” we’ll discover how we can realize what LIFE IS all about and be giving it out to others. Hey, “it is finished.” It is a done deal. The only thing lacking is to receive God’s Love. Now, that IS LIFE.

Bill Sutter is a Carthage Press columnist from Carthage. His occupation is “Faith Walker.”