Thanks to a new co-worker who introduced me to a delicious extraordinary “pick me up” snack (Thank you Susan Nunn!), I learned all about Pumpkin Seeds.

Thanks to a new co-worker who introduced me to a delicious extraordinary “pick me up” snack (Thank you Susan Nunn!), I learned all about Pumpkin Seeds.

Here we go:

Prostate Protection is engaged as pumpkin seeds promote general prostate health and well-being; they alleviate the difficult urination associated with an enlarged prostate.

Improved Bladder Function was also known to occur in multiple animal species via extensive research and experimentation that has been conducted over the years.

Depression Treatment is one of the serendipity benefits of pumpkin seeds as they contain L-tryptophan which morphs into Seratonin and combats depression.  This works better as a preventative rather than taking it as a medication once severe depression is already diagnosed.  If someone is gradually getting off their depression meds, it would be a very good thing to start taking as they are tapering off of their prescription.

Prevention of Osteoporosis is a huge benefit of pumpkin seeds.  As we are seeing in the news, these prescriptions for “bone building” drugs just aren’t doing the trick PLUS they are doing major damage!  The reason these work for osteoporosis is because they have a high content of zinc and calcium and low zinc intake has historically been linked to osteoporosis!

Prevention of Kidney Stones, alone, is a good enough reason to consume pumpkin seeds!  They prevent calcium oxalate kidney stone formation according to research and studies.

Treatment for Parasites is another benefit of pumpkin seeds.  They are used in many cultures as a natural treatment for tapeworm and other parasites.  They are also effective against a parasite contracted from snails, called Schistosomiasis.

Excellent Source of Magnesium and from just consuming ½ cup of pumpkin seeds per day, one would be receiving 92% of the daily requirement for magnesium.  (I would take much more than that as the daily requirements set by our government are historically WAY low!)  And we are generally about 85%, as a population, deficient in this mineral!

Lowers Cholesterol as pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols…compounds which have been shown to reduce the LDL (bad) cholesterol.

A Natural Anti-Inflammatory which would be good for many ailments such as auto-immune diseases, digestive diseases, etc…pumpkin seeds effectively reduce inflammation w/o the adverse effects of the prescriptions.

Cancer Prevention is another benefit of pumpkin seeds as the same phytosterols that reduce inflammation, combat cancer!  This makes good sense as inflammation of any organ CAN be the beginning of trouble if left unchecked long enough.

Pumpkin seeds are considered one of nature’s most perfect foods with beneficial constituents such as complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin B, C, D and K.  They also contain the minerals Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus.  They are purported to help with learning disabilities, too.

If you choose to buy pumpkin seed oil for cooking, make sure that it is “pure” as the manufacturers often times combine it with sunflower seed oil for cost effectiveness.  Also, make certain that you keep it refrigerated else it can go rancid.

Apparently, it is best to consume pumpkin seeds raw, but if you eat them roasted, the only detriment is that process destroys the fatty acids, but nothing else.  I like them roasted and I spray Braggs Amino Acids on them as an extra bonus!!

Pumpkin Seed Oil mixes with all medications without problems from what we’ve seen, thus far.
On a different note, if any of you have heard of or known any patients with “Pseudotumor Cerebri” that have sustained positive and longstanding results with any particular treatment, please email me.  This is a very serious and tricky disease and it’s really necessary to go outside of the box with treatment options, but in my research, I’ve, so far, not hit pay dirt!  This disease mimics a tumor in the body (mostly the brain) and causes Cerebrospinal fluid to build up and it causes chronic headaches and one can lose their vision from this, so I’m enlisting help any way I can get it--thank you all!

Jody Johnson is a self-taught salutogenesist and an investigative health reporter. She is a columnist for The Carthage Press. E-mail Jody at